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Remind yourself to lighten up at times. Venus brings a lot of luxury to your love life too, but careful not to overspend on those dream dates in August! Expect many admirers. Some lions might prefer the single life for a while. Be careful not to overcommit. This is your time to be the pursuer! Let friends play matchmaker and give online dating a go. There could be a lucky click or swipe. In August, being a social butterfly could keep you away from the cocoon too much.

Time for dating will be limited so make those magic moments count!

Your Virgo Season Horoscope: Business in the Front, Party in the Back

Slip off for 3-day romantic getaways. The change of scenery makes it easier to focus on your partner instead of work too!

You could meet someone special while traveling in July With Venus and Mars both visiting your career house this summer you could also meet your mate through a work function or an elite and high-end gathering. Goals, goals, goals! Coupled Scorpios will enjoy making a five-year plan together. You could even start a business with your sweetie. Be careful not to be too direct.

Whether it is with your family or with your loved one, you might be a little too inclined to impose your laws. Try to qualify your words and especially to leave at least sometimes room for the other to speak; enough to conclude this autumn "in love" and on a small cloud!


Single, indeed your aspirations to widen your horizons on all fronts seems legitimate, but it is, however, not a reason to play the little boss with others family, friends! Your desire for something else will not necessarily always be shared, and you should be interested in being polite this fall if you do not want to suffer some rebuffs and criticism.

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In fact, wait until the end of November to take a stand because you will then be supported by Venus November 28th and December 3rd and Jupiter on the 15th! Enough to take off without further delay and, a priori, in excellent company! Saturn has more or less kept your love under its yoke in , forcing you to sift through the good and bad reasons that motivated your current relationship, to put things right and to be clear with what you really want and with whom you really like! From the 19th of December, this austere planet clears off, and you should gradually regain a lightness that you missed!

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In the meantime and at the end of September the 24th and 28th you will strive to please your loved ones. Whether it is to move into a more pleasant living environment or warm up the atmosphere, you will work heart, body, and soul to be friendly to everyone!

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You will not necessarily avoid some clashes with your partner or your children on the 22nd and 25th of September, or around the 7th of October when your efforts could come up against a wall! But calm returns in November the 8th, 9th, 11th, 13th, 28th, and 30th where your messages are finally received five out of five probably because you manage to make your partner dream without worrying too much and turning against you! The end of the season looks to be rather smiling!

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Venus illuminates your bonds, reignites the flame, or at least melts the ice the 8th and 11th , and you will have on the 13th and 19th arguments that hold the road and a foolproof determination to gather your troops and encourage them to follow your instructions! In a Relationship, this fall, bet on moderation and patience to end up embarking with your partner into your dreams. It will not always be easy, the current will not always flow between you and the other, but if you persist and make some necessary concessions, you may well end up convincing your partner that your choices and options are the right ones.

As of December 19th, Saturn stops weighing on your relationship. You know your partner too what you need and are then able to choose your path without hesitation!

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Single, you asked yourself a lot of questions in , and some of you have preferred to stay single or have felt that love had deserted them. Absolutely not! In fact, Saturn imposed on you a final test and made you think about what you expected from the other and the bond. Enough to make choices now in good conscience that are probably wise and durable! The warmth of summer relationships might be cooling down and summer flings would be coming to an end for others. For those, who want to build lasting relationships, this might be the first phase towards it. Astrologer Lisa Stardust told Bustle that people might find themselves "speaking from the heart and giving it all for love now!

It affects all zodiac signs differently and there are four who will be most lucky in love during this period:. The Virgo season is the right time for the Taurus to delve into a deeper connection with their partner.

This is also a great time to focus on the creative side with your partner. Whether you plan for the future together or some other projects, this is a good time to keep an open mind for it. This is a time for new beginnings and being a sensual person it could pertain to your intimate romantic life as well.

4 Zodiac Signs That Will Be the Luckiest in Love This Virgo Season

For those looking for love, you might find someone who stimulates your mind and body equally, according to YourTango. Since this is your birthday season, you are full of confidence and energy. While you are generally quiet and practical, you are ready to go out there and meet someone great right now.

This is your time and you feel comfortable to be yourself. This attitude will help you attract a special someone in your life.

virgo summer horoscope Virgo summer horoscope
virgo summer horoscope Virgo summer horoscope
virgo summer horoscope Virgo summer horoscope
virgo summer horoscope Virgo summer horoscope
virgo summer horoscope Virgo summer horoscope
virgo summer horoscope Virgo summer horoscope
virgo summer horoscope Virgo summer horoscope
virgo summer horoscope Virgo summer horoscope
Virgo summer horoscope

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