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When they found the one person who values freedom and independence just as equally as them, Gemini are they best selves. Sharing thoughts, ideas, researches, discussing for hours on any topic, Gemini love interesting company, as it is the only way they can develop a strong intellectual and mental bond. Thoughts is what's attractive to Gemini. With that being said, there are only a few zodiac signs that match Gemini's partner requirements perfectly.

As an air sign, Gemini is most compatible with all earth signs: Gemini, Libra and especially Aquarius. The jack of all trades is charming, flirty and irresistible, and they want a relationship that will stimulate their intellectual side.

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While they are often perceived as cold and unemotional, Gemini is only being practical all of their time — just like the other air signs. When Gemini starts a relationship with a fellow Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, they get all the space they want and the partner who would love to hear out all of their ideas and thoughts. An air signs relationship is by all standards not a typical romance.

There is only a drop of security and stability, but lots of interesting date nights and passionate conversations, which conclusions are always done in bed. In sex life, Gemini likes trying out new stuff on a regular basis and the other air signs can provide them with this pleasure. Aside from air signs, Gemini is also compatible with fire signs: Aries , Leo and Sagittarius. Gemini posses the same passion for adventures as these signs, so it's easy to imagine them getting along. When fire signs start asking for more attention than Gemini provide, however, this is an early signal for the Twins to run away and continue looking for something that requires less depth and more fun.

Sun Sign Compatability: Astrology: Which Signs are Compatible?

Aquarius has Pisces has Aries has Taurus has Gemini has Cancer has Leo has Virgo has Libra has Scorpio has Sagittarius has But, because you can control the zodiac signs of only Ramza and your purchased generics, it's good to know how you'll be able to interact with guests and the characters who join your party.

Although Teta cannot be interacted with in the Fort Zeakden battle, I have listed her here because she has a fixed zodiac sign and can be successfully Gamesharked into a party without glitching. All signs are neutral to the Serpentarius sign, held by only one character, the Deep Dungeon boss, Elidibs. Neutral Compat.

Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces Aries Taurus Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Virgo Libra Scorpio Part 2 - Miscellaneous 2. This guide was written out of love for the game and desire to help other players. However, the design and contents of this are copyright Andrea Robinson. Please do not copy or plagiarize this guide or claim it as your own work.

If it isn't there, or if it lies outside the scope of zodiac compatibility in Final Fantasy Tactics, check with other FAQs, and if that doesn't help, direct your question to the helpful crew on the Final Fantasy Tactics message board on GameFAQs. It's been fun, in a vague way that entailed sitting for hours starting new games so I could test date ranges, and doing fifteen minutes of math courtesy of the Battle Mechanics Handbook, then promptly getting my butt kicked by the Zodiac Beast of the Day.

GÉMINIS - VIRGO (Compatibilidad)

I don't foresee any possible additions - the Battle Mechanics Handbook covers individual equations much better than I ever could, and Aerostar's magnum opus deserves a read from every FFT player anyway. Although portions of this information are available in several other places, most notably Notti's Deep Dungeon Guide and philsov's Board FAQ, I did my own research and testing, and looked up the signs and compatibilities in the game itself.

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  7. That said, I'd like to extend special thanks to Aaron, who got me into RPGs to begin with and let me borrow his copy of FFT, thus allowing me to get hooked; and without whom I would never have become a serious gamer. He also took notes on some of the bosses' zodiac signs for me, since he goes through this game much faster than I do. I love you, Aaron. Thanks for everything. Aerostar, whose Battle Mechanics Guide is simply the best piece of documentation ever. I referred to it often when writing this, especially for damage formulas to help me figure out zodiac beast genders.

    Compatibility Guide - Susan Miller Astrology Zone

    He also personally provided information about the Deep Dungeon Time Mage. Also, he specifically referenced this guide in section 1. This makes me feel useful and warm and fuzzy. The various folks on GameFAQs who refer people to this guide whenever zodiac questions come up. Squaresoft and the FF Tactics team, for putting out a fun game with amazing replay value and lots of intricacies, of which zodiac compatibility is only one, in its battle system.

    Check the FAQs before turning to the message boards for help. I've found it actually increases my enjoyment of the game because I know exactly why things happen the way they do. Section 1.

    Compatibilidad de Geminis con los demás signos del Zodíaco, Horoscopo Geminis gratis
    signos compatibles con gemini Signos compatibles con gemini
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